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About the Aut hor s
Lowell Rothschild is a partner at Venable, LLP. He represents
corporate, institutional, governmental, and quasi-governmental
clients on issues regarding compliance with federal, state, and local
environmental laws, with an emphasis on wetlands, environmental
review, and infrastructure development. Mr. Rothschild’s practice
involves civil, administrative, and criminal litigation as well as per-
mitting, counseling, and compliance work. He has been involved
in litigation matters in st ate and federal courts and before admin-
istrative tribunals.
He ha s signicant policy experience with both t he legislative
and administrative processes of environmental law, including
administrative law experience, and experience with international
environmental matters, including trade and environmental policy
issues and European Union environmental regulations. He serves
as the Liaison to the Chairman of Trade and Environmental Policy
Advisory C ommittee of t he U.S. Trade Representative. He is t he
co-author of “Wetlands: Avoiding the Swamp Monster,Environmental Aspects of Real Estate and Com-
mercial Transactions, 3d ed. (ABA: 2004); “Wetland Basics in the Twenty-First Century,” Land Use Law
and Zoning Digest (Vol. 55 No. 10, October 2003); and “Mobile Source Air Toxics: What’s Known, Not
Known, and What to Do About It,” Natural Resources & Environment (Vol. 21, No. 2, Fall 2006).
Margaret “Peggy” Stra nd is a partner at Venable, LLP in Wash-
ington, D.C. Ms. Strand ha s substantial experience advising on
the regulatory requirements of federal and state law, including
wetlands, natural resources, protected species, climate change, and
pollution control. She was Chief of the Environmental Defense
Section in the U.S. Justice Department, Environmental and Natu-
ral Resources Division, from 1984 to 1991, and served as a Justice
Department tria l attorney a nd supervisor since 1976. Ms. Strand
is active with the National Academy of Sciences, as she currently
chairs the Environmental Law Committee of the Transportation
Research Board and has ser ved on the Academy’s Board on Envi-
ronmental Studies and Toxicology. She has also participated in
various Academy study committees evaluating wetlands and other
environmental topics.
She is past chair of the American Bar Association’s Water Qual-
ity and Wetlands Committee, Section on Environment, Energ y,
and Resources Law (SEER) and serves on the AL I-ABA Advisory Committee on Environmental Law. She
is a regular chair and speaker on wetlands a nd species protection topics for ALI-ABA and other bar orga-
nizations. She has also served on the board of directors of the Environmental Law Institute, t he Editorial
Board of the Environmental Law Reporter a nd the Advisory Board for the National Wetlands Newsletter.

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