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Published date21 December 2010
Date21 December 2010
James J. Chriss received his Ph.D. in sociology from the University of
Pennsylvania in 1994. He is currently Professor in the Department of
Sociology and Criminology at Cleveland State University. His latest book is
Beyond Community Policing: From Early American Beginnings to the 21st
Century (Paradigm Publishers, 2010).
Stuart Connor is a Lecturer in Social Policy, in the School of Social Policy,
University of Birmingham. Research and teaching interests include two
distinct, but related strands. The first involves developing and exploring the
use of critical social semiotic approaches in the analysis of ‘‘wealth,
inequalities, and welfare,’’ with a particular interest in examining attempts
at establishing and sustaining the legitimacy of welfare regimes. The second
involves the role of social movements and community-based approaches in
contemporary social welfare.
Matthias Gross is a Senior Researcher at the Helmholtz Centre for Environ-
mental Research – UFZ in Leipzig, and Adjunct Professor (Privatdozent) in
sociology at the Martin Luther University Halle, Germany. He is the author
of five books, most recently Ignorance and Surprise: Science, Society, and
Ecological Desi gn (MIT Press, 2010), and numerous articles in the fields of
environmental sociology, history of sociology, science and technology studies.
He is cofounder and editor of the interdisciplinary journal, Nature and
Richard Huggins is the Associate Dean, Social Sciences and Law, Oxford
Brookes Universityand Jean Monnett Chair of European Political and Social
Geography. He has published a number of articles and chapters on
globalization, new media and politics and a number of books including New
Media and Politics (Sage) and Politics: An Introduction (Routledge). Over the
past 15 years he has undertakenvarious research projects related to substance
use and misuse, homelessness and social inclusion including studies of heroin
and crack cocaine use, needle exchange schemes, youth homelessness, and the
service needs of children whose parents are substance users. He is currently
completing a book on drug policy (Routledge).

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