Sociology of Crime, Law and Deviance

Date21 December 2010
Published date21 December 2010
Series Editor: Mathieu Deflem
Jeffrey T. Ulmer (Volumes 1–5)
Recent Volumes:
Volume 6: Ethnographies of Law and Social Control –
Edited by Stacey Lee Burns, 2005
Volume 7: Sociological Theory and Criminological
Research, Views from Europe and United States
– Edited by Mathieu Deflem, 2006
Volume 8: Police Occupational Culture: New Debates and
Directions – Edited by Megan O’Neill, Monique
Marks and Anne-Marie Singh, 2007
Volume 9: Crime and Human Rights – Edited by Stephan
Paramentier and Elmar Weitekamp, 2007
Volume 10: Surveillance and Governance: Crime Control and
Beyond – Edited by Mathieu Deflem, 2008
Volume 11: Restorative Justice: From Theory to
Practice – Edited by Holly Ventura Miller, 2008
Volume 12: Access to Justice – Edited by Rebecca
Sandefur, 2009
Volume 13: Immigration, Crime and Justice –
Edited by William F. McDonald, 2009
Volume 14: Popular Culture, Crime and Social Control –
Edited by Mathieu Deflem, 2010

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