Zimbabwe: The Royal Residence.

AuthorZulu, Itibari M.

Welcome to this special edition on the Republic of Zimbabwe, a nation of 11,903 million people (2011), situated in central southern Africa, between the Limpopo and the Zambezi, bounded via land by Zambia, Mozambique, South Africa and Botswana. The nation's name (Zimbabwe) is derived from the Shona phrase, dzimba dzemabwe, meaning houses of stone or stone buildings, that today is symbolized by the Great Zimbabwe Ruins near the present day town of Masvingo.

Zimbabwe has a rich history, not only of achievement, innovation, co-operation and economic prosperity, but also of conflict, trials and tribulations that reflects the dynamism of its peoples. Many scholars, past and present, have enhanced knowledge of the Zimbabwean past through their works. Particularly important in our understanding of the pre-colonial past have been the works of archaeologists, linguists, historians, oral traditions and the records of 16th century Portuguese traders that interacted with central and southern Africa during that era.

This volume is the result of an ongoing interest among scholars to publish critical content on Zimbabwe, a process that is welcomed as we strive to explore the full essence of the African world community experience. Thus, we have ten articles, a commentary, and a profile of the arts.

The first paper argues that Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front electoral 'victories' in post-2000 Zimbabwe are often attributed to the ruling party's reliance on violence, intimidation and other strong-arm tactics; however, that is only part of the story. The second presentation discusses the Third Chimurenga, articulating the achievements attained and the challenges faced by female beneficiaries of A1 farms in selected districts of the Midlands Province. Continuing, there is an analysis of how language contact influenced changes in address norms of the Tshivenda; and following is an article on the status of languages spoken in southern and southeast Zimbabwe, juxtaposing a report on the challenges and complexities faced by teachers and learners in the teaching and learning of...

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