Zettel, Sarah. The Firebird's Vengeance.

Author:Root, Deirdre
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

ZETTEL, Sarah. The Firebird's vengeance. (Isavalta, Book 3.)Tor. 468p. c2004. 0-765-34723-7. $7.99. SA*

Thirty years ago, a powerful sorceress in Isavalta imprisoned the immortal Firebird. Now her death has freed the Firebird, and it seeks a terrible revenge on those who imprisoned it and those who stood by while it was imprisoned. Even the most powerful sorcerers are helpless against it, for without the cooperation of the element of Fire their spells are limited. It will take Bridget, a sorceress caught between our world and Isavalta, to fight the Firebird, along with the daughter she thought long dead ... a daughter whose loyalties are uncertain.

This third book in the Isavalta series is a page-turner, the world complex and fascinating and the action nonstop. It stands on its own, but will send readers scurrying for the first two, A Sorcerer's Treason and Usurper's Crown. Essential for libraries that have the series...

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