Zettel, Sarah. A sorcerer's treason; a novel of Isavalta.

Author:Hoy, Sherry
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

Tor. 499p. c2002. 0-765-34374-6. $7.99. SA

Bridget Lederle, a single unwed mother in 1899 Wisconsin (an unenviable position even though her baby girl died shortly after birth), has taken over the keeping of the lighthouse at Sand Island from her deceased father. Bridget has always had meaningful dreams but when the sailor she rescues from a small, strangely painted foundering boat tells her she will play a key role in the power struggle in the mystical realm of Isavalta, she is stunned. With nothing to keep her at Sand Island, she accompanies him to Isavalta and immediately becomes embroiled in myriad intrigues in the Dowager Empress' court. She grabs the attention of many outside, more insidious characters, like the Vixen, the firebird, and even denizens of the Land of...

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