Zeises, Lara M. Anyone But You.

Author:Rosser, Claire
Position:Children's Review - Book Review

ZEISES, Lara M. Anyone but you. Random House, Delacorte. 244p. c2005. 0-385-73145-0. $15.95. JS

In alternate chapters, Seattle and Critter tell about the summer in which their close friendship falls apart in confusion. They are step-sibs because at one time Seattle's father and Critter's mother were together. When Seattle's father abandoned her, Seattle was lovingly accepted as one of her own by Critter's mother. There is no blood relationship here, which is important to know because this summer there is a lot of sexual tension between the two teenagers. If they were to be lovers, it wouldn't be exactly incest, but for years they have shared a home and a mother. After looking the other way many times with Critter's girlfriends, Seattle this summer becomes fiercely jealous of Critter's new girlfriend. She jumps into the surprised arms of a new guy, which infuriates Critter.

Zeises manages family relationships with acute precision, as she did in her previous novel, the highly praised Contents Under Pressure. This is an unusual family, and Zeises faces the emotional storms head on. When Seattle's father returns, wanting a part in her life, her confused fury seems completely authentic. A subplot is Seattle's passion for skateboarding, with the new boyfriend in a supportive role. Ambiguous is the best way to...

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