Zacks, Richard. The pirate hunter.

Author:Healy, Michael
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

Hyperion, Theia. 426p. c2002. 0-7868-8451-7 $15.95. SA *

Shiver me timbers! If you've got a soft spot for pirates, want to know the inside story of their lives, or are curious about derring-do on the high seas, I don't know of another book that will give you more pleasure. Author Zacks is diligent in giving us the inside story of how in the late 17th century the worlds of commerce, shipping, speculation, piracy, and politics combined to produce the phenomenon of Captain Kidd. His title states his thesis: Kidd was not a pirate, but began as a hired pirate hunter, sent out from London to the Asian oceans to capture pirate ships and bring their booty back to his English investors. Through extremely complicated circumstances involving a mutinous crew, uncooperative natives, and unscrupulous ship captains...

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