YouTube faces Italy, Turkey.


Italy's commercial broadcaster, Mediaset, sued YouTube for copyright infringement in civil courts in Rome, London and Los Angeles. As YouTube's main shareholder, Google was also sued. In the suits, Mediaset, which owns three over-the-air channels in Italy--Canale 5, Italia 1 and Rete 4--as well as Telecinco in Spain, and Endemol in Holland, is asking for $500 million in damages, pointing out that these do not include damages due to loss of advertising revenue.

In the past, YouTube faced similar cases with Viacom, France's TF1 and Spain's Telecinco, but, so far, no punitive money has been paid.

According to Mediaset, some 4,643 of its video clips were uploaded to YouTube without permission. These videos represent more than 325 of its channel's programming hours. The Italian media company calculated that those clips uploaded to YouTube subtracted a total of 315,672 days of viewership from its channels, and caused substantial advertising...

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