Your role in law firm business development: are you using your core?


With annual realization rates continuing to drop in most law firms and the supply of legal services exceeding the demand for same, competition for business has become increasingly aggressive. As a result, more and more law firms have hired marketing professionals in order to increase their market share. Seventy-five percent of the largest law firms in the United States employ marketing professionals who are members of LMA.

  1. It is important that you are savvy with the LMA CORE competencies, which cover the following topics:

    * Branding

    * Business development

    * Business of law

    * Career development

    * Communications

    * Event management

    * Public relations

    * Research

    * Strategic planning

    * Technology

  2. Additionally, you want to make sure you are knowledgeable about the topics covered in the LMA QuickStart program, including but not limited to:

    * Properly communicating with attorneys

    * Accurately reading financials

    * Understanding individual marketing plans

    * Getting buy-in from marketing partners to champion marketing efforts

    * Making your marketing projects accountable and measurable

  3. How can you obtain this knowledge?

    * Visit to attend the LMA Annual Conference.

    * Visit to take the online courses.

  4. Once you are up to speed with the basics, you need to familiarize yourself with your law firm's issues. The following list can help you keep track of your law firm's business development:

    * Analyze and report marketing return on investment (ROI)

    * Conduct client and market research and analysis

    * Create, manage and update website...

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