Your Path to Achieving Excellence in Franchising: Education, professional development and a strong network are your keys to success in franchising.

Author:Johnson, Gail

For those ready to take the proverbial leap into becoming a Certified Franchise Executive[TM], the question is simple: Why wait any longer? With changes in place to move the program forward and an ever-expanding reach across the globe, the reasons to become a CFE are more compelling and clear than ever.

There are more than 2,000 franchise graduates and candidates currently active in the CFE program. The CFE Class of 2018, with 212 individuals, is the largest group we've ever graduated in a single year. The number of international CFE graduates, at 56, represents more than 25 percent of the total--also a record. The students travelled from countries outside the U.S., including Australia, Brazil, Canada, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Poland, Singapore and Thailand. And our community is reaching further every year.

As an educator and founder of LeafSpring Schools (formerly Rainbow Station), a former pediatric nurse, chair of the ICFE Board of Governors and member of the IFA Foundation Board of Trustees, I have a front-row seat in seeing how achieving the industry's stamp of approval can lead to prosperity. It's not just for you: your entire franchise system benefits from each CFE within your network. Understanding the "rules of the game" is crucial to developing a consistent brand for your franchisees and customers. And Certified Franchise Executives bring with them a deeper understanding of franchising best practices and industry standards that increase the likelihood of business success.


A CFE is a professional who has received training and specialized education in franchising, similar as accreditation programs in other fields such as finance, law or medicine. How does it feel to become a CFE? It brings a sense of accomplishment, respect among your peers, and affinity with an extensive network of distinguished individuals who have earned franchising's gold seal. For many, it means so much more than making a commitment to ongoing education, putting three letters after your name, or proudly wearing a CFE pin at convention. It means you have accomplished a goal and done something that the most dedicated franchise leaders have achieved.


The benefits of becoming a CFE are extensive. Whether it's professional development, recognition as an industry subject matter expert, or amassing a network of franchise executives, gaining a CFE will elevate your status in the franchising community. The CFE designation demonstrates...

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