Young Lawyers Division, 0419 UTBJ, Vol. 32, No. 2. 68

AuthorBebe Vanek, J.
PositionVol. 32 2 Pg. 68

Young Lawyers Division

Vol. 32 No. 2 Pg. 68

Utah Bar Journal

April, 2019




Lawyers Division President’s Message – Midyear



Vanek, J.


Young Lawyer:


are YLD.


Connect with Each Other.


for Those in Need.”

I love

a haiku – ask any current board member and you will

hear about my over-haiku-use throughout the year. This haiku

above really represents what this year has been about to me.

YLD has been busy this quarter and has made significant

progress towards increasing member participation and

member-driven events. A goal of mine has been to focus on

servant-driven leadership and work to inspire creativity in


To this

end, we created a high school debate scholarship aimed to

promote diversity in the legal profession and reinvigorated

the YLD Volunteer and Outreach committee to require that the

YLD provide at least four community-driven service events

during this term. We saw an increase in the participation of

public service and government attorneys in the YLD leadership

and focused efforts to engage members statewide and reach law

students and recent graduates to commit to participate in the


As the

first government attorney to be YLD president in almost a

decade, my goal has been to encourage attorneys in

nontraditional practice areas into the leadership pipeline. I

appointed ten non-private attorneys to the YLD board and have

encouraged others in public service to consider service in

the coming years. We created the “It’s No Debate!

EMBRACING Diversity in Law” high school debate

scholarship inspired by the ABA’s commitment to

diversity in the profession. We effected a change in the YLD

by reinvigorating our commitment to public service through

events such as a coat drive, career fair, and food bank

event, as well as committing to YLD-anchored pro bono


I began

my service to the profession as a law student, and upon

graduation, I became involved with the YLD and was elected

president for the 2018–2019 term. Before my term

started, I reflected on my eight years of service and

identified a few areas for growth in the organization,

including a dearth of engaged members, too few events aimed

to encourage law students to become active members, and a

lack of community service events.


response, I am promoting creativity to make our events more

accessible to members, including location and relevance, and

have increased value to YLD’s over 2000 members...

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