Young Lawyer Spotlight, October2020 WYBJ, Vol. 43 No. 5. 12

PositionVol. 43 5 Pg. 12

Young Lawyer Spotlight

No. Vol. 43 No. 5 Pg. 12

Wyoming Bar Journal

October, 2020

Casandra Ann Craven

Longhorn Law LLC

Cheyenne, Wyoming

The Young Lawyers Section of the Wyoming State Bar strives to include, shed light on, and promote our own young lawyers (those aged 18-35 and/or within their first five years of practice). This month, we feature Cheyenne attorney Cassie Craven.

Cassie Craven is from Long Pine, Nebraska. Cassie attended college at York College in York, Nebraska, where she played volleyball and Softball. York College is a Church of Christ school, and Cassie says it played a big role in shaping her view of the world. Cassie is married to her best friend, Tyler Craven, and they have two little girls. Cassie and her husband own land and enjoy tending to their horses, ponies, dogs, cat, goats and cattle. Cassie and her husband enjoy building a legacy for their little girls and spending time with extended family.

Cassie always knew she wanted to be an attorney. "The reason was simple," she says. "I knew I wanted to help people and I loved reading books. The way I figured it, being an attorney fit that bill." Cassie's work ethic and determination to become an attorney drove her to success. "I am a laser focused person once my mind is set on something. I worked hard to graduate undergrad and law school early so that I could get to helping people and building the life of my dreams as quick as possible." Cassie knew how she wanted to practice law early on as well. "I knew at a young age I wanted to be the trial lawyer in the courtroom fighting and being marred by the flames! In law school, I gained the confidence to believe I could really do that. With each trial, I become more certain that this is my calling in life. I love it with all my being, win or lose."

Cassie attended her first year of law school at the Charleston School of Law in Charleston, South Carolina, because of its unique environmental law program. "For a newlywed, small town Nebraska girl, Charleston was quite the culture shock! The food and shopping were amazing, and I studied contracts on the beach. It was rigorous and competitive, and I thrived in that environment." Cassie enjoyed South Carolina, but knew it was not going to be where she graduated or ended up practicing. "I made lifelong friends and great men-tors, but we knew we did not want to raise our kids in a city. We decided Laramie was a...

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