Young Adults Toking at Unprecedented Rate.

Position:MTF SURVEY - Monitoring the Future - Brief article

More than 13% of young adults not in college report daily, or near daily, marijuana use; alcohol use is more common among college students; some opioid use is declining in both groups; and the most-sizable difference is the higher rate of cigarette smoking in the noncollege group --so says the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Bethesda, Md., which has announced the latest Monitoring the Future survey results on substance use trends. MTF compares substance use patterns of full-time college students to their noncollege peers (ages 19-22).

Among the survey highlights:

* Daily, or near daily, marijuana use among noncollege young adults is nearly three times as high as among college students.

* For the first time, questions about vaping marijuana were added to the survey. Past-month use is higher among noncollege young adults (7.8%) than among college students (5.2%).

* With respect to past-month use, alcohol consumption among college students (62%) is higher than in noncollege peers (56.4%). Additionally, mixing alcohol with energy drinks is higher among college students...

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