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You Need to Know

No. Vol. 44 No. 6 Pg. 6

Wyoming Bar Journal

December, 2021

news, notes & other items of interest


Active, New Active and Emeritus attorneys need to be aware of the following: 1. CLE credit for coursework completed during 2021 must be reported by January 15, 2022. (Rule 10(a))

2. On November 15, 2021, all Active, New Active and Emeritus attorneys received notification of the number of CLE hours they have credited to date for this calendar year. (Rule 4(g))

3. The first week of December, Active, New Active and Emeritus attorneys were invited to access their online CLE record and certify its accuracy. While this is not a requirement of the rules, it is an effective way for you to help the Bar ensure that its data entry is correct.

4. In order to avoid penalty fees, you must be in compliance by January 15, 2022.

5. Those who are not in compliance by January 15, 2022, will be assessed a $300 delinquency fee. Those attorneys will then have until March 1, 2022, to submit adequate CLE credits and pay the delinquency fee.

6. CLE credit for courses completed in 2021 will not be accepted after March 1, 2022.

7. Those not in compliance on March 1, 2022, will be assessed an additional $300 non-compliance fee and will be recommended for suspension by the Wyoming Supreme Court.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Marie Ellis, CLE Director, at (307) 432-2102 or by e-mail at

CLE proposals for Annual Meeting due

The Wyoming State Bar CLE Committee is in...

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