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You Need to Know

Vol. 42 No. 5 Pg. 6

Wyoming Bar Journal

August, 2019

News, Notes & Other Items of Interest


The Bylaws of the Wyoming State Bar require all members to maintain current contact information with the Bar, including mailing address and e-mail address. Keep in mind, if the Bar does not have current information, it cannot get your license fee statement e-mailed to you. Lawyers’ licenses are often suspended simply because the Bar could not find the lawyer. Please make sure to always notify the Bar in writing of any changes to your contact information. Members may submit changes through the Member Login at or by e-mailing Samantha McClure at smcclure@wyomingbar.

Annual License Fees

Mark Your Calendars for October 1st!

On October 1, 2019, each member of the Bar will receive an e-mail notification indicating that license fees are due November 30, 2019. Members may either pay online with a credit card or download their personalized license fee statement from the Member Login at

On December 1, 2019, members in default for the payment of the annual license fee will be sent a notice of delinquency and notice of the $50 late fee. Those members remaining in default on December 15, 2019, will be recommended for suspension to the Wyoming Supreme Court.

Any questions regarding the annual license fee statements or the bylaws that govern this process should be directed to Sharon Wilkinson at (307) 432-2102 or by e-mail at

NOTICE: Annual Business Meeting

This year’s Annual Business Meeting/Luncheon will take place Friday, October 4, 2019, in conjunction with the Annual Meeting & Judicial Conference. The meeting will be held at Jackson Lake Lodge in Moran, Wyoming, at 12 p.m. At the Annual Business Meeting any member shall have an opportunity to confer with the Board of Officers and Commissioners and present any complaint or suggestion for the improvement of the Wyoming State Bar. Members wishing to have resolutions considered by the Board of Officers and Commissioners must submit such resolutions to the executive director thirty (30) days prior to the Annual Business Meeting.


The Wyoming Law Review Editorial Board invites you to submit an article to the Wyoming Law Review in order to help continue its tradition of...

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