Yes, liberals buy guns, too!(Industry watch)

Author:Thurman, Russ

Much to the shock of some in the industry, liberals are gun owners. In fact, liberals have been part of the extraordinary surge in firearm buying since November 2008. Actually, many liberals have long owned guns; it's just that now, they've gained a bit of notoriety.

The Christian Science Monitor, in its April 13, 2009, edition, reported the increase in firearm and ammo sales "... has led to shortages of 'assault-style weapons,' rising prices and a broadening of gun culture to increasingly include older Americans, women and--gasp--liberals."

The Monitor reported, "The run on guns suggests a shift in public attitudes about gun rights ..." and quotes Florida gun instructor Brent Mattis as saying, "... more liberals are owning guns, and just average everyday

people who want to keep themselves and their family safe. It's turning into an incredibly strong political phenomenon."

Miles Hall, founder and president of H&H Gun Range in Oklahoma City, also notes the new customer trend.

"The sales upswing is not a normal panic. In fact, it is not a panic at all; it is a phenomenon. In our case, 80 percent of the buyers were either first- or second-time gun buyers. They are new, special and unique to the culture," Hall said.

That there has been a "shift in public attitudes about gun rights" is substantiated by a number of opinion polls.

In April, CNN reported, "Since 2001, most Americans have favored stricter gun laws, though support has slightly dropped in recent years: 54 percent favored stricter laws in 2001, compared with 50 percent...

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