Yes, American Jews Do Serve: Anna Selman, of the Jewish War Veterans of the USA, respectfully disagrees with Israel's Deputy Foreign Minister.


I was first introduced to the anti-Semitic trope that "Jews don't serve" when I was still on active duty. I was showing a superior the hospital where I worked, and somehow it came to light that I was a Jew. Her response to that was utter bewilderment, and she wanted me to know that I should be "proud" to serve because "most Jews do not."

It turns out that the smear that "Jews don't serve" has been used for centuries. It reached its heyday back in Nazi Germany. Since then, this falsehood has been on the decline, but it recently made a comeback this year in Charlottesville when we saw neo-Nazis chanting "blood and soil"--which implies that only white Americans have spilled blood for this country.

Then it came up once again thanks to Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi...

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