Hitting the ground running: new year, new leadership stadewide. The scoop on Snyder's appointments.

Author:Williams, Brad
Position:Rick Snyder

Judging by the ratings, I am one of the few fans of the TV show "The West Wing" that stuck with the show until the final season. For those who missed it, one of my favorite episodes was the last where a newly elected president played by Jimmy Smits recognizes the talent and experience of his defeated opponent played by Alan Alda and asks him to serve as secretary of state. It was a refreshing yet fictional moment of statesmanship that we all hope for from our elected officials.


Since Nov. 2, it seems as if Governor Rick Snyder has been trying to do his best Jimmy Smits impression. Snyder's transition began with a bang when his first cabinet appointment went to Democratic Speaker of the House (and former candidate for governor) Andy Dillon. Dillon has agreed to be the next state treasurer and will undoubtedly play a key role in the Snyder administrations push to dramatically reform Michigan's tax code. Further, Dillon will serve in a new capacity as a member of an executive team of cabinet members that oversee "clusters" of departments and serve as a "Super Cabinet" for lack of a better term. It is important to note that Dillon was the Chamber's Democratic endorsement in last year's Primary Flection, and also that the Chamber supported Governor Snyder from his candidacy in the Primary.

Gov. Snyder's other appointments to date have been an interesting mixture of insiders and outsiders. For chief of staff, the gov.-elect chose former multi-client lobbyist Dennis Muchmore. Muchmore is the founder of high-powered lobbying firm Muchmore, Harrington, Smalley and Associates and has consistently been named one of Lansing's top lobbyists. He will undoubtedly bring...

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