A Year of Transformation & Strategic Focus.

AuthorKennedy, James
PositionTax Executives Institute

It has been an honor to lead the Institute this past year as TEI's international president. I am proud of all the work we have accomplished in challenging circumstances. This year can be characterized by two notable developments: immediate, transformative change and a laser focus on the future strategic direction of our organization.

The pandemic impacted TEI, like the rest of the world, in multiple and profound ways. We moved swiftly and effectively to transform how we provide our members with services and value. With an unmitigated and intentional sense of purpose from leadership, staff, and members, TEI rose to the occasion. We hosted five successful virtual Institute-level conferences and educational seminars as well as hundreds of virtual chapter and regional events for our members. We are now poised to shift to our next phase--welcoming our TEI members back to in-person events over the coming months and offering our 2021 Annual Conference as a hybrid event (we'll be announcing the date and location very soon). This event will be designed to meet the needs of all participants, whether they join us in person or choose to participate virtually.

While transitioning our operations in this fundamental manner, we also spent this year focusing on our vision for the future. Our workstream leads are completing their reports for our long-term strategic plan, Choosing a Path Forward. Over the past twelve months, these leaders have examined how TEI has operated historically, what changes have occurred both internally and externally, and, most important, how TEI should respond to meet the challenges and opportunities for the future. Here are several examples:

* Continuing Education Workstream: This group examined the types of continuing education offered at the chapter, regional, and Institute levels and identified what differentiates TEI's continuing education from other providers. The recommendations from this workstream will be instrumental as TEI navigates decisions regarding continuing education in a post-pandemic world, including how TEI addresses virtual, hybrid, and on-demand education.

* Advocacy and Government Liaison Workstream: This group identified the types of submissions, liaison activities, and informal advocacy TEI currendy conducts throughout the world. The workstream's observations about the opportunities for further engagement and cross coordination will inform how TEI's committees and chapters approach and leverage...

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