New Year greetings from M Street!(NEWS FROM M STREET)

Author:Tate, Nancy E.

2008 was an incredibly busy and rewarding year for us here at the national office, and 2009 holds much promise!

In this Voter, we have included a special article highlighting our myriad, extremely successful Election 2008 activities. Apropos of this, I'd like to commend the wonderful, cooperative work of the LWVUS/EF staff. Working together, we produced results to which we can lay claim with pride! And, of course, we could not have accomplished so much without the support and additional efforts of all of you, members and Leagues, across the country. Please read "League in Action: Election 2008 and Beyond" on p. 13, and give yourselves a big pat on the back for a job well done!


In the election reform arena, the Public Advocacy for Voter Protection Project (PAVP) continues its work through mid 2009 and you can read all about its accomplishments to date in the special article. In Step Up on p. 17, we turn the spotlight on lobbying and advocacy by two state Leagues.


In addition, do read about our non-election related activities (the Education Fund and Advocacy news in the League Matters section, and Hill Bulletin).

In global democracy, with renewed funding from the Open World Leadership Center, the League can offer pass-through grants for the 2009 Civic Hosting Program for delegations from former Soviet Republics, including Ukraine, Russia and Azerbaijan. The League and the Armenian Assembly of America's one-year project on...

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