Position:Technology Tools - Altova Inc., XML Global Technologies Inc. - Brief Article

Altova Inc., the provider of XML Spy 4.3 Suite, an XML development tool suite for advanced XML application development, and XML Global Technologies Inc., an XML middleware company, have launched XML Integration Workbench, which they call a powerful and cost-effective alternative to the more expensive solutions offered by large integration vendors.

XML Integration Workbench is a data integration solution for small and mid-sized companies currently under-served by the market, as well as for larger corporations seeking scalable, enterprise-ready data integration tools. The product offers an inexpensive and standards-based way to manage tactical point-to-paint integrations and data transformation projects.

When integrators are ready to make their solutions available to others in the enterprise, or even outside the organization, they can then be deployed to GoXML [TM] Transform Enterprise Edition. This enterprise-ready...

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