Brown, Wynne. More than petticoats; remarkable Arizona women.

Author:Boardman, Edna
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

Globe Pequot. 152p. illus, bibliog. index, c2003. 0-7627-2359-9. $10.95. SA

Brown profiles 12 women who, each in her own way, made a difference in the history of Arizona. All were born in the 19th century, some to fame, some to notoriety, and some to the betterment of society. For persons familiar with Arizona lore, some are well known, others not. Examples: Lozen extended the free life of her Apache people with her mystic ability to identify the location of an enemy and aided many with her healing powers. Sister Mary Fidelia McMahon built hospitals and schools and intelligently improved the lives of the people around her. Pearl Hart gained admiration as a "lady bandit" who, late in life, visited the jail cell where she did needlework to sell to prison visitors. C. Louise Boehringer laid the foundations of the...

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