Wyndham's designs on Latin America: ADDING 9,000 ROOMS MORE TO THEIR NETWORK.

Author:Luongo, Michael

Expansion in the growing Latin American and Caribbean market is the name of the game for the Wyndham Hotel Group. With its recent acquisition of Fen Hotels of Buenos Aires, the company now counts 200 hotels under 14 brands in 20 different Latin American countries.

Geoff Ballotti, the Wyndham Hotel Group's President and Chief Executive Officer, told Latin Trade that in addition to the recent Fen acquisition, "I think the most important and exciting thing for us is all the new construction going on for our brands in Latin America."

Two new key properties Ballotti mentioned are recently constructed airport hotels in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Quito, Ecuador. Trip Advisor gives high rating to the Brazil lodging and the Quito hotel features "an absolutely stunning design which replicates the shape of a condor", the executive said in a telephone interview.

Another hotel he is excited about is in the key market of Mexico, previously Wyndham's largest market in Latin America region before the hotel acquisitions in Argentina through Fen. The Romana Anchor in Chihuahua emphasizes both service and style, Ballotti said, adding that it is "another just stunning example of a new repurposed construction and new conversion".

These new hotels are just the tip of the iceberg, according to Ballotti, who said that new construction represents 70% of the group's...

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