Wyatt, Melissa. Raising the Griffin.

Author:Rader, Heather
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

WYATT, Melissa. Raising the griffin. Random House, Dell, Laurel-Leaf. 279p. c2004. 0-44023821-8. $6.50. JS

A young man born Alexei Nikolas Tibor Ivorovich Varenhoff remembers his grandfather "raising the griffin" as he put the Rovenian flag up on the roof. The Griffin (part lion, part eagle) will fight to the death and survive, which is what Alexei must do when the Rovenian monarchy is restored and he is thrust into the spotlight. One day he is Alex, an English schoolboy, and the next he is the Prince Alexei, heir to the throne of a poor but proud country. His every move impacts his reputation, his family, and his loyal subjects. One beautiful, wild woman seduces him to her advantage, while the steadfast, intelligent Sophy is overlooked. Ultimately his choice to rebel against his parents and the confinement of his position has serious physical and political consequences. The story ends in a perfect spot that calls for a sequel; the unrequited love of Sophy simply must be addressed! Raising the Griffin reads like a modern-day fairy tale and reminded me of the...

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