VOTE411 ( the one-stop-shop for all your election information needs.

Position:LEAGUE MATTERS - Website overview

This election season, the League is expanding its traditional arsenal of voter education tools--Voters' Guides, debates and voter registration. We are launching VOTE411, (, an easy-to-use, nonpartisan Web site for election related information.


VOTE411 provides both general and state-specific data on such items as voter registration and absentee ballot rules, early voting provisions, ID requirements, voting machine types, tools for overseas citizens, and contact information for elections officials.

An exciting feature of VOTE411 is its local information component--a polling place locator that allows users to key in their addresses and obtain their poll locations. Knowing where to go to vote is among the most sought after pieces of information in the days immediately leading up to, and on, Election Day.

Candidate and ballot initiative information will be gathered from local and state Leagues for inclusion on the site. Help for overseas voters is also part of VOTE411. The League has partnered with the Overseas Vote Foundation to enable military and overseas voters to register to vote and request absentee ballots. And, VOTE411 links to as many other relevant sources of online election information as possible.

VOTE411 is where voters go for easy access to trustworthy election information. There is no other Web site that provides this level of comprehensive, state-specific information...

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