Power writing techniques: six tips for writing brochures, press releases and sales letters.

Author:Smith, Mark S.A.

Whether you are writing brochures, press releases or sales letters, here are six ideas that will give your writing pizzazz and sparkle.

  1. Focus on your reader--Your reader always thinks (subconsciously, at least) "So what?" or "Big deal!" or "What's in it for me?" Use the powerful words "you" and "your" whenever possible.

    Try these sentences on for size: "Participants will have a happier life." "You will live a happier life." Which sentence connects with you?

    Use "I" as little as you can. This takes practice and lots of re-writing. When you minimize "I", the spotlight is on your reader.

  2. Make your writing exciting with active verbs--Look at the difference in the energy level of these sentences: "The discussion will be led by Joe." "Joe will lead the discussion." Which version has more life?

    Avoid verbs that have the form "to be" unless you really want the passive feeling. A grammar checker will help you identify passive verbs.

  3. Put your reader in the picture--This is an extension of using active verbs. Look for ways of writing your reader into the action. Instead of, "Thursday, Joe will lead the discussion," try, "Join us on Thursday, as Joe leads the discussion."

  4. Start paragraphs with miniature headlines--Pull your reader through your writing by making the beginning of each paragraph exciting and tantalizing. Look through this article. Wherever appropriate, the paragraphs open with words that make you want to read that paragraph. This sometimes means rearranging the words, and that's what good writing is all about.

  5. Promise your readers benefits--Change "So what?" to "Is that so!" with the promise of benefits. And follow through with the benefits. This article opened by promising to add pizzazz and sparkle to your writing. What...

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