Writing For Colorado Lawyer, 0222 COBJ, Vol. 51, No. 2 Pg. 94

PositionVol. 51, 2 [Page 94]

51 Colo.Law. 94


No. Vol. 51, No. 2 [Page 94]

Colorado Lawyer

February, 2022

Articles submitted for publication in Colorado Lawyer are reviewed and approved by coordinating editors before being scheduled for publication. Coordinating editors are attorneys and legal professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to solicit, review, and schedule articles for publication.

If you're interested in writing an article for Colorado Lawyer or would like to submit a manuscript, please contact the appropriate coordinating editor to discuss your topic. If you'd like to write an article in an area not listed on these pages, please contact Jodi Jennings at jjennings@cobar.org (substantive law articles) or Susie Klein at sklein@cobar.org (all other areas). Writing guidelines are available at cl.cobar.org.


ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTIONMichelle Sylvainmssylvain3@gmail.com

ANIMAL LAWKate A. Burke(303) 441-3190, kaburke@bouldercounty.org

ANTITRUST AND CONSUMER PROTECTION LAWTodd Seelman(720) 292-2002, todd.seelman@lewisbrisbois.com

APPELLATE LAWMarcy G.Glenn(303) 295-8320, mglenn@hollandhart. com Judge Christina Finzel Gomez (720)625-5200,christina.gomez@judicial.state.co.us Stephen G. Masciocchi (303) 295-8000, smasciocchi@hollandhart.com

BUSINESS LAWDavid P. Steigerwald(719) 634-5700, dps@sparkswillson.com

CANNABIS LAWGraham Gerritsen(303) 993-5271, graham.gerritsen@gmail.comHugh Ilenda(303) 324-8597, hilenda@hotmail.com

THE CIVIL LITIGATORTimothy Reynolds(303)417-8510, timothy.reynolds@bryancave. Com

CONSTRUCTION LAWLeslie A. Tuftltuft@burgsimpson.com

CONTRACT LAWMark Cohen(303) 638-3410, mark@cohenslaw.com

CRIMINAL LAWJudge Adam Espinosaadam.espinosa@judicial.state.co.us

ELDER LAWRo semary Zapor(303) 866-0990, rose@zaporelderlaw.com

ENVIRONMENTAL LAWMelanie J. Granberg(303) 572-0050, mgranberg@gcgllc.com

EVIDENCELawrence Zavadil(303) 244-1980, larry@lzavadillaw.com

FAMILY LAWHalleh T. Omidi(303) 691-9600, hto@hoganomidi.comCourtney J. Leathers Allen(303)893-3111,allen@ epfamilylawattorneys. Com

GOVERNMENT COUNSELMary Elizabeth Geiger(970) 947-1936, megeiger@garfieldhecht.com

HEALTH LAWCasey Frank(303) 202-1001, letters@caseyfrank.com Gregory James Smith(303) 443-8010, gjsmith@celaw.com

IMMIGRATION LAWDavid Harston(303) 736-6650,david.harston@EAHimmigration.comDavid Kolko(303) 371-1822, dk@kolkoassociates.com


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