A Writer's San Francisco: A Guided Journey for the Creative Soul.

Author:Morin, Donna Russo
Position:Book review

Work Title: A Writer's San Francisco: A Guided Journey for the Creative Soul

Work Author(s): Eric Maisel; Paul Madonna, illustrator

New World Library

160 pages, Hardcover $19.95


ISBN: 1577315464

Reviewer: Donna Russo Morin

Some places have a life of their own, places that deeply touch people, becoming a piece of what defines them. For this author, San Francisco is such a place. His book is no travel guide, nor could it even be termed a travel book; it is a glimpse into the heart of the historic city and the places and characters that make it so artistically distinctive. The journey begins at the author's home and details how he came to be in, and so enraptured by, San Francisco. As the excursion branches out to explore more of the city, the scope of the work expands as well. Seamlessly incorporated into the narrative are motivational and encouraging words for the writer offered from Maisel's vast professional knowledge.

"I often do the odd thing," he writes, "of having folks in my online trainings start out their lesson responses with the following affirmation: 'My creative work and my creative life matter to me.' You try to say thirty consecutive times that you and your work matter even if you don't believe it), and see if you don't change for the better."

A prolific writer of more than thirty fiction and nonfiction works, including Coaching the Artist Within and A Writer's Paris, Maisel works as a creative coach and a creativity coach trainer with master's degrees in counseling and creative writing and a doctorate in counseling psychology.

The expedition continues as it winds through every nook and cranny of the city...

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