Wright, Nina. Sensitive.

Author:MacGregor, Amanda
Position:Sensitive - Young adult review - Book review

WRIGHT, Nina. Sensitive. (Sequel to Home-free.) Llewellyn, Flux. 233p. c2007. 978-0-7387-1170-6. $9.95. JS

Now living at Homefree, a school for people with paranormal abilities, 16-year-old Easter Hutton is just settling into her new life. She is uncertain what is ahead of her, but happy to finally leave her past behind. Free of her drunk and unpredictable mother, and in the company of both her best friend and her boyfriend, Easter is looking forward to learning more about her special gifts. Easter can perform acts of astral projection, traveling through space and time. This seems like enough to contend with, but it turns out that Easter is also what is known as "Sensitive," as are both of her friends. This means they can see what others cannot--specifically, ghosts and spirits. Once they discover this, they begin seeing and feeling many spirits looking for help, but are repeatedly visited by one young girl, Placida. Placida hopes Easter and her friends will be able to see the truth of her past and end her suffering. But asking for their help and understanding is a tall order. Easter's gifts begin to feel more like a burden as she becomes nearly unable to distinguish reality from dreams or astral projection. The...

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