Wrede, Particle C. & Stevermer, Caroline. The grand tour.

Author:Rosser, Claire
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

WREDE, Particle C. & STEVERMER, Caroline. The grand tour. (Sequel to Sorcery and Cecilia.) Harcourt. 469p. c2004. 0-15-204616-X. $17.00. JS

Kate and Cecilia are still writing in this sequel to Sorcery and Cecilia (an ALA Best Book for YAs), but now the cousins are together, and they write as "From the deposition of Mrs. James Tarleton," and "From the commonplace book of Lady Schofield," because now they are married to the men they met in the first book. As a foursome, they embark upon the grand tour of Europe for their extended honeymoon journey, first crossing the Channel to get to Calais (where they meet Beau Brummell) and on to Paris, then the Alps, Milan, Venice, Florence, and Rome. The year is 1817, just after the defeat of Napoleon and the end of the Napoleonic Wars.


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