Worry about water.

Author:Borie, Edith
Position:FROM READERS - Letter to the editor

Erica Gies is absolutely right[''Water Wars,'' March/April]. The situation in Turkey seems to be even worse than what she describes. Apparently the Turkish government is planning to privatize not only the distribution systems, but the sources (lakes, rivers, etc.).

According to reports by Attac Ger-many, the Turkish government plants to privatize not only municipal water systems, but the waters themselves (rivers, lakes, even springs and wells). Water rights for the next 49 years are supposed to be sold to multinational corporations in 2009. This includes the right to build and operate hydroelectric systems that, in spite of all the negative consequences of the construction of large dams, are being advertised as a contribution to climate protection. It seems to be easier to push through such projects aganist all opposition after...

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