Worldly blends of special reserve coffee.

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Gevalia Special Reserve coffees ($6.99 each) are formulated for drinkers who use specially brew methods, including French Press, moka pot, and pour over. Each variety is precisely pre-ground for these devices and includes a recommended brewing method on each bag. Crafted with single-origin bean blends from Kenya, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Papua New Guinea, each coffee highlights flavors from growing regions around the world --much like flavors in wine vary from region to region and Gevalia helps coffee lovers elevate their DIY barista game in an easy, approachable way, while letting them brew in a standard automatic drip brewer, if they prefer.

Guatemala Coarse Ground is sourced from Guatemalan mountain ranges, influencing flavor notes like smoky and hints of cocoa. It is best paired with steak or chocolate cake.


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