A World Medical & Health Policy Milestone and Global Health Outlook for 2018

AuthorOtmar Kloiber,Arnauld Nicogossian,Ed Septimus,Bonnie Stabile
Published date01 March 2018
Date01 March 2018
A World Medical & Health Policy Milestone and Global
Health Outlook for 2018
Arnauld Nicogossian, Bonnie Stabile , Otmar Kloiber, and Ed Septimus
In 2018 World Medical & Health Policy (WMHP) celebrates the publication of
its tenth volume. Since the f‌irst issue of the journal was published in
November 2009, WMHP has featured scholarly articles and commentary focused
on the intersection of politics, policy, ethics, medicine, and global public health.
The journal’s primary objective remains to improve global health by highlighting
the practical implications of political and policy choices through empirical
research on the causes of public health problems, and the effectiveness and ethics
of policies designed to address them, giving special attention to cultural context,
social values, the allocation of scarce resources, and needs of vulnerable
populations in a globalizing world.
WMHP is proudly produced in partnership with the World Medical Associa-
tion (WMA), and under the auspices of the Policy Studies Organization. A survey
of the physician members of WMA helped to identify some of the original themes
taken on in the journal, including antimicrobial drug resistance; pandemic f‌lu
preparedness; continuity of medical operations following natural and human-
made disasters; and the ethical allocation of scarce health and medical resources,
as noted in WMHP’s f‌irst editorial (Nicogossian, Kloiber, Zimmerman, &
Koizumi, 2009).
In addition to these subjects of original and enduring interest, WMHP has
brought attention to policy in thematic areas including homelessness and poverty,
alcohol and drug use, food security, women’s health, and social determinants of
health. In the years since its f‌irst issue, WMHP has hosted workshops, published
special issues, and produced edited volumes in concert with Westphalia Press
(Nicogossian & Stabile, 2015; Stabile, 2013), all with the aspiration of informing
policy improvements to public health.
WMA initiatives will continue to inspire WMHP’s content. For example,
WMA’s new physician pledge, ref‌lecting changes in the relationship between
World Medical & Health Policy, Vol. 10, No. 1, 2018
doi: 10.1002/wmh3.260
#2018 Policy Studies Organization

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