18 YEARS AGO, Mike & Michelle Burton saw a niche that wasn't being filled along the Wasatch Front--the need for accessible, responsive and customizable payroll options. Following their shared entrepreneurial spirit, they created Majestic Payroll Services to provide those necessary local and personalized payroll, timekeeping, bookkeeping, HR support and background check services, as well as a host of others, to the businesses and communities around them.

"We provide a place where businesses of all sizes and complexities can feel confident that their payroll is being handled by a partner who recognizes their unique needs," Mike says. "A partner that cares about timeliness, accuracy and professionalism as much as they do. And more than that, a partner that truly cares about them as a company and truly cares about their employees."

Care and commitment to each individual client, and an overarching desire to lift and serve local communities, are the hallmarks of Majestic Payroll and the heart of how they approach business. Frequently referring to clients as their business partners and members of the Majestic family, Mike & Michelle make it quickly apparent just how much they value relationships, how they see themselves and what they provide as a small part something bigger.

"Being involved in the community is something that's very important to us," Mike said. "And we try to seek out and partner with organizations that share our passion." Despite that passion and the sense of service that suffuses this family-owned-and-operated business, Mike is by no means a grandstander, preferring instead to let others take the spotlight. When asked about some of Majestic Payroll's own community service activities, he hesitates, then finally says, "Well, we provide free payroll services to a number of not-for-profit organizations that focus on helping in this area. We want to support the people and organizations that are working so hard and selflessly to improve our community."

However, when it comes to recognizing the efforts of businesses Majestic Payroll has been able to help over the years, or how those businesses have been able to help Majestic Payroll to flourish, Mike is not hesitant at all.

"One of the challenges we had when we first started was credibility," he says. "As a smaller business, we had to really work to reassure our early clients that we knew what we were doing and that we were capable of handling their complex payrolls. But then they saw...

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