Working from Home Can Be Win-Win.

While the benefits of working from home are numerous for employees, Workplace Fairness--an online resource for information about workplace rights--says it is important to follow guidelines that guarantee the experience will be a "win" for the employer as well:

* Create strict, uninterrupted times for your work. Make sure that other household members understand and respect the work boundaries you have set. This extends to other parties who might be inclined to call or visit with "personal time" communications. Do not spend your time on social media or personal calls.

* Be sure you have all necessary work tools prior to starting your day. In addition to a quiet office area, assess the "must haves" to conduct your work: computer/laptop; printer/ typing paper; work phone/fully charged cell phone; reliable Internet connection; and workstation/desk.

* Arrange with your employer to have corporate electronic access through the company's firewall. In most cases, working from home means using a computer. If you are using one that has been provided by the company, corporate firewalls probably will not be a problem. The same may not be true if you are using your personal computer to transact company business.

* Beware of using your work-related computer for personal activities. Your employer likely will be able to track your personal transactions and will take a dim view of using company time and property for personal business.

* Create an office workspace dedicated to your employment. This "office sanctuary" may have the added benefit of being an office-in-the-home tax deduction as well.

* Stay "plugged in" to...

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