Workforce mega-trends.

Author:Handel, Greg
Position:Detroit region's workforce trends

This is an excellent time to take stock of the Detroit Region's workforce trends. Employers who fail to understand the ramifications of the big picture risk a short tenure in the next quarter century.

Despite the current economic uncertainty, there's no doubt that workforce shortages will be even more acute than ever before once our economy gets back on track. Three mega-trends are at work here: Demographics, technology and globalization.

Demographically, the Detroit Region is experiencing the same trends as the rest of the country--namely, a decline in the growth rate of the working-age population within the next decade. This trend will influence our region for decades.

Areas of the country that attract large numbers of immigrants will be able to compensate for this to some extent. Our region, by contrast, is experiencing a net loss of young working-age people. The reason is simple: People born here move to other areas more often than those from other places move here.

So, if this is the environment, what can you do to ensure your workforce needs are met?

First, recognize that you will have to look beyond traditional recruitment methods. In fact, the current economic slump might be a good time for companies to develop...

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