Words from Gary Burnison CEO of Korn Ferry.


According to Gary Burnison, in his book LEAD, the best source of authenticity of a leader is his trust in the company's mission, knowing that his team is able to accomplish all. "Being a leader is inspiring others, letting others look into your eyes and see your soul". With that enlightened glaze, Gary Burnison welcomed us into his office in Mexico to give us a brief outlook of Korn Ferry's vision on what a leader should be, and to reinforce why Korn Ferry is the leading company in executive recruiting.

"When I think of the business, I think that it's fabulous because we change the lives of people, even when we know we can do more, we can expand and do it better every day."

Besides the recruitment of executive talent, another service Korn Ferry offers is Board support so that they are able to develop into a more effective group. They also help them in the investigation and identification of the factors that affect its performance to eliminate and align the entire team to the strategy and ensure an organized succession.

To carry out this job, the company must perfectly know and identify the style of every leader that is part of the Board. But, for Gary Burnison, there is one key factor for total success.

"The number one predictor of success, is something we like to call learning agility, which means knowing what to do when you don't know what to do. In other words, it's the simple sense of curiosity, the desire to listen to Mozart or read all types of books and magazines; it is being aware of everything to be able to learn everything."

For Gary Burnison, all leaders around the world are the same, although they may each act differently according to their own culture. Neither does he see a leadership crisis, since he believes that leaders come in "all shapes and sizes and does not necessarily mean in the classic sense. The leader must be authentic, they must observe, they must have the capacity to connect with others, the ability to let others...

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