A word from NDIA's president.

Author:Farrell, Lawrence P., Jr.

Dear NDIA Members:

As you know, the National Defense Industrial Association is a big team made up of industry, government and a small permanent staff that advocates for best-in-the-world technology and training for our war fighters and first responders. It is a job that our team has done quite well. The generous funding of recent years helped our team deliver the high quality systems that our forces have used to dominate the battlefield.

The challenge now is to keep delivering in an era of shrinking budgets at a time when reset and recap are big needs and several major acquisition programs are either set to begin delivering or have been slipped to the right. In fiscal year 2013, NDIA experienced many event cancellations due to government budget constraints, sequester and the shutdown. This year, it is back on track and we are returning to a robust event schedule. We believe the dialogue fostered by these events is more important now than ever before.

In that spirit we have new initiatives in progress with more being planned. In a significant reorganization, NDIA stood up a new policy shop with elements focused on the Senate, the House, the Pentagon and other executive agencies. With this new policy focus, NDIA is poised to expand its reach and touch and to increase its brand recognition. New initiatives like our "Distinguished Speaker Series" feature senior government leaders and help deliver more value to our members.

NDIA has added two new senior fellows on staff who have major studies under way: Senior Fellow Brett Lambert is leading a study to assess critical and fragile defense industrial capabilities; and Senior Fellow Jon Etherton is leading a study on acquisition reform that will feed into office of the secretary of defense and Congressional efforts. NDIA, along with the Aerospace Industries Association, has partnered with the Air Force in its "Bending the Cost Curve" study, the outcome of which will be presented to the secretary of the Mr Force.

Of course, NDIA continues to advocate for regular order in budgeting, and we worked with the Congress to get partial relief from sequester through the Bipartisan Budget Act. Our new initiatives are making for an exciting 2014 and demonstrate our commitment to recapture and even increase the government-industry collaboration that is NDIA's hallmark.

Our new event strategy that we unveiled in last year's Mega Directory has proved quite successful. We are coordinating closely with the relevant government agencies on where to stage events. That strategy has brought a number of events to the Washington, D.C., area and moved others to program executive office and program manager locations.

With these successes, the door is again open to collaborate closely with government, whose appetite for collaboration seems, if anything, even greater. So we urge all of you to renew your participation in the divisions and committees of your choice to help the big team assess industrial base needs, identify needed acquisition adjustments, and provide the welcome and necessary feedback from industry to government on how we can do things even better.

We in NDIA thank each and every one of you for the time and effort you make to keep our team together, well-functioning and effective. And although the task remains the same -- to deliver world-best systems and training -- the circumstances and budget environment and the rest of the world continue to throw new challenges at us. With a renewed commitment to the government-industry team, we will meet those challenges and surmount them.

For further information regarding NDIA Divisions, events and other participation opportunities, contact any of the following:

Major General Barry D. Bates, USA (Ret.), Vice President of Operations. General Bates brings more than 32 years of experience in a broad array of Army

and joint logistics, training and business-oriented assignments to NDIA Operations. Operations is NDIAs largest department, responsible for administrative and logistics support to 33 of NDIA's 36 Divisions, as well as meeting planning support for most of NDIA's major meetings and technology exhibitions.

Barry D. Bates

Major General, USA (Ret)

Vice President, Operations

Tel: (703) 247-2559

Email: bbates@ndia.org

Liza Jones

Executive Assistant/Budget Analyst

Tel: (703) 247-2560

Email: ljones@ndia.org

Nery Riveiro

Conference Administrator

Tel: (703) 247-9464

Email: ncruz@ndia.org

Capt. Bruce Roulstone, USN (Ret.), Assistant Vice President, Operations, is responsible for the Strike, Land Attack and Air Defense; Undersea Warfare; Bomb & Warhead; Missile Defense; Munitions; Space; Manufacturing; Homeland Security; Health Affairs; Tactical Wheeled Vehicle; and Combat Vehicles Divisions. Capt. Roulstone's 30-year naval career reflects a wide range of experience in naval and joint warfare areas. He has served in both the Atlantic and Pacific Fleets, as well as in Europe. Bruce is also NDINs lead for events conducted in support of the U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. PACOM, and serves as the Staff Director for the Precision Strike Association, an NDIA affiliate organization.

Bruce Roulstone

Assistant Vice President

Tel: (703) 247-2574

Email: broulstone@ndia.org

Angie DeKleine, CAE, CMM, CMP, CEM

Associate Director

Tel: (703) 247-2599

Email: adekleine@nclia.org

Kimberly Williams, CMP

Meeting Planner

Tel: (703) 247-2578

Email: kwilliams@ndia.org

Kelsey Fonnett

Meeting Planner

Tel: (703) 247-9467

Email: kfonnett@ndia.org

Ms. Christy J. Mason, CMP, is the Operations Director for Science & Engineering Technology; Targets & UAVs; Combat Survivability; Special Operations/ Low Intensity Conflict; Human Systems; Test & Evaluation; C4ISR; Security, Stability, Transition and Reconstruction; and Expeditionary Warfare Divisions. With over 13 years at NINA, Christy has amassed a wealth of experience in supporting divisions and conducting meeting planning operations within NDIA. A Certified Meeting Professional, she is well qualified to lead and manage her robust portfolio of divisions and events.

Christy J. Mason, CMP

Director, Operations

Tel: (703) 247-2586

Email: cmason@ndia.org

Meredith Hawley, CMP

Associate Director

Tel: (703) 247-9476

Email: mhawley@ndia.org

Molly Holt

Meeting Planner

Tel: (703) 247-2572

Email: mholt@ndia.org

Ms. Britt Bonunelje, CMP, is NDIA's Operations Director responsible for Systems Engineering; Small Business; Armaments; International; Biometrics / Identity Management; Robotics; Cyber; Logistics Management; Ballistics; Environment and Energy; Chemical, Biological Radiological and Nuclear Defense; Technical Information and STEM Workforce Divisions, Britt is also the Acting Staff Director of Women in Defense, A National Security Organization. A Certified Meeting Professional, Britt is well versed in managing division operations and supporting their activities.

Britt Bommelje, CMP

Director, Operations

Tel: (703) 247-2587

Email: bbommelje@ndia.org

Kari King, CMP

Associate Director

Tel: w(703) 247-2588

Email: kking@ndia.org

Rebecca Danahy

Meeting Planner

Tel: (703) 247-2561

Email: rdanahy@ndia.org

Camille Briggs

Meeting Planner

Tel: (703) 247-2570

Email: cbriggs@nclia.org

Ms. Luellen Hoffman, Director for Exhibits. Luellen brings a wealth of trade show management and marketing experience to NDIA's portfolio of technical symposia. Luellen and her associate director manage and produce all technology exhibitions for NDIA Divisions and government clients.

Luellen Hoffman

Director, Exhibits

Tel: (703) 247-2571

Email. lhoffinan@ridia.org

Allison Hitchner, CEM

Associate Director

Tel: (703) 247-2573

Email: ahitchner@ndia.org

Ms. Jennifer Sprinkel, CMP, CGMP is the Director of Events for Legislative Information, Integrated Procurement Management, Procurement, and the Government Policy Advisory Divisions. In this capacity Jennifer produces a myriad of meetings, events and conferences designed to support the interests and pursuits of her assigned Divisions to include NDIA's Distinguished Speaker Series, Logistics Information Breakfasts, Industrial Security Committee Meetings, Annual Acquisition Conference, Integrated Program Management Conference, and others. As a Certified Meeting Professional, Jennifer has both the experience and skills necessary to lead and support her diverse and robust portfolio of activities.

Jennifer Sprinkel, CMP, CGMP

Director of Events, Government Policy

Tel: (703) 247-2554

Email: jsprinkel@ndia.org

The mission of the Armaments Division is to provide a forum for industry, government and the military services to address issues related to sustaining superior armament system capability. The division emphasis is to understand the needs of and provide responsive technology and system solutions to the warfighter.

The division addresses topics that include: armaments and concepts, system integration, weapons, munitions, fire control, ancillary equipment, logistic support and manufacturing. Attention is given to total systems, technological application and state-of-the-art technological advancements. Committees within the division perform assessments of current armaments and related platform integration.

The division's activity is directed through three committees--the Small Arms Committee, chaired by Brian Berger (GD-OTS); the Gun, Ammunition, Rockets and Missile Systems Committee, chaired by Matt SoIverson (GD-OTS); and the Unconventional and Emerging Armaments Committee, chaired by Dan Hartman (Spectra Technologies, LLC).

The committees organize meetings, technical exchanges, and related activities complemented by hardware displays and a live-fire demonstration.

The division sponsors the Carlos Ha-thcock Award, the George Chinn Award, the James Ambrose Award, the Robert Trifiletti Award and the Military Operations Award.

Operations Director

Britt Bommelje, CMP (703) 247-2587

The mission of the Ballistics Division is to promote the exchange of technical information regarding interior, transitional, exterior, and...

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