Wong, Joyce Lee. Seeing Emily.

Author:Rosser, Claire
Position::Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

WONG, Joyce Lee. Seeing Emily. Abrams, Amulet. 271p. c2005.0-8109-5757-4. $16.95. JS

Emily is the child of Chinese immigrants who tells the story (in poetry format) of trying to find herself as an American girl, even as she loves and respects her parents. Although her parents are highly educated, they find their best way to make a living in America is by running a Chinese restaurant, a place where they work hard to provide a good life for their only daughter. We never know for sure when this story takes place, but it definitely is a few years ago (hint: when Emily travels to Taiwan she doesn't keep in touch with her friends by Internet).

The plot could be described as a love story. Emily is lovely and smart and she attracts the attention of Nick, a Caucasian student who is entranced by her Asian looks. He never really pays attention to who she is, however, and even makes the error of calling her...

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