Woman World.

Author:Schingler, Michelle Anne
Position:Book review

Aminder Dhaliwal; WOMAN WORLD; Drawn and Quarterly (Comics & Graphic Novels: Comics & Graphic Novels) 24.95 ISBN: 9781770463356

Byline: Michelle Anne Schingler

It's the near future, and the men of the world are going, going, gone. Aminder Dhaliwal's Woman World, adapted from her serialized webcomic, moves quickly from the unheeded warnings of a geneticist couple who notice that men are disappearing from the gene pool to the world after, where buildings are crumbling and the fate of humanity is uncertain. But it's not all doom and gloom; left to their own devices, women and girls are finally free to just be.

Picture this: the freedom to be safely nude in company. Communal sympathy around natural bodily processes. Frank, nonthreatening conversations about sex. There's an awesome openness to Woman World that cannot be denied; the triumph represented by a community flag whose symbol is Beyonce's thighs is palpable. Woman World is proudly sex-positive and LGBTQ-affirming, diversity is a matter of course, and the only absolute directive is that you be yourself.

But Dhaliwal is careful not to paint a world without men as an instant utopia; her use of color alone reveals that we're a more...

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