Position:Drug overview

The Health division of Wolters Kluwer has enhanced its Lexicomp drug information reference solutions with new content and features. All enhancements are intended to make Lexicomp Online and Lexicomp Mobile Apps more efficient and add to the wealth of information and tools healthcare professionals trust to support their medication decisions and help them reduce errors.

Chief among the recent enhancements is the addition of drug class monographs. Available to subscribers to the Formulary Decision Support Bundle of additional, specialized tools, drug class monographs feature details about drug properties common to given pharmacologic classes to assist professionals with drug therapy decisions. Links to class monographs have been added to more than 550 monographs in the Lexicomp core drug information database.

Other recent enhancements include:

- In-line referencing added to Uses: Off-label field in core drug monographs

- New drug pricing field in pediatric and neonatal drug monographs to improve workflow efficiency

- Multinational drugs added to Toxicology module to support a more global view of medication safety

- Addition of Brazilian and International Nonproprietary Names to architecture to support more effective searching in languages other than English

Lexicomp Online is renowned for providing clear, concise, relevant drug information to help professionals make safe, well-informed medication decisions, said Denise Basow, MD, President & CEO of Clinical...

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