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Author:Glickhouse, Rachel
Position:The A section - Partner manager - Brief article

"What do you do as a partner manager, and why is newsroom collaboration so important?"

I have a deceptive title, since it encompasses numerous roles: journalist, researcher, editor, project manager, trainer and producer. I process incoming tips in our database--which is available to more than 160 partner newsrooms--and gather other resources, leads and sources through FOIA, research and interviews. I play air traffic controller, making sure there's only one reporter per tip at a given time, and pitch story ideas to our partners. I hold trainings to help partners build this beat, and serve as a kind of help desk for reporters working on hate stories. I help partners localize ProPublica stories and access any new data we've gathered. When partners produce stories using resources from the project, I boost those stories on social and through an internal newsletter for partners.

Newsroom collaboration is important because it helps save time and...

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