Wisconsinites receive $126,000 for alleged illegal rent, service-agreement violations.


Byline: Michaela Paukner, mpaukner@wislawjournal.com

More than 260 Wisconsinites received restitution for alleged consumer-protection violations, according to Attorney General Josh Kaul's office. The payments for the two cases totaled more than $126,000.

The first case involves Wisconsin O'Connor Corporation, a rental company that owns and operates 23 apartment buildings in southeastern Wisconsin. The state filed an enforcement act against the company in May 2015, alleging the company was making illegal security-deposit deductions and illegally forbidding tenants from moving out during winter months. A judgement from the Milwaukee County Circuit Court in July 2018 prohibited the landlords from continuing those practices and required them to pay restitution.

About $117,000 went to 229 people.

Northstar Alarm Services also had to pay restitution for alleged consumer-protection violations. The Utah home-security company sent a team of sales people to Milwaukee in...

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