Position:News for Educational Workers - Collective bargaining - Brief article

In "The Spirit of Wisconsin: How Scott Walker's Union Busting Spurred a Popular Uprising" (The Nation, Match 21, 2011), John Nichols describes the public outrage and ongoing protest against the attack on union collective bargaining, with emphasis on the role of students and educators. Thousands of students showed up for an impromptu rock show and "pump[ed] their fists in the air as they shout[ed] the lyrics of union songs they are only just learning." Students from the Teaching Assistants' Association, "the oldest graduate student labor organization in the world," participated in the initial protests against Governor Scott Walker's bill by marching from the University of Wisconsin to the Madison Capitol and were among the first protestors to start sleeping at the Capitol. Members of the Madison Teachers Inc., the city's education union, took four days off from teaching to protest the bill and, when they returned to work, "parents and private-sector union members...

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