Wisc. school district fights Liberty Counsel distortions.

Position:Dodgeville School District - Brief article

A public school district in Wisconsin is seeking an apology from a Religious Right legal group that spread inaccurate information about the district to buttress claims of a "war on Christmas."

In January, the Dodgeville School District sent a letter to Liberty Counsel (LC), a Jerry Falwell-affiliated group, demanding that it apologize for a press release LC issued in early December that claimed Ridgeway Elementary School officials had secularized the lyrics to "Silent Night" in the school's holiday programs. The district is also seeking $23,899.48 in compensation for the costs that officials incurred in refuting Liberty Counsel's claim.

"Your dissemination of false and misleading information and your threats of specious and frivolous litigation resulted in enormous cost to the district," wrote school attorney Eileen A. Brownlee in a letter to Liberty Counsel. "You have yet to present the facts either...

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