The Winter Queen: the First Erast Fandorin Mystery.

Author:Boardman, Edna
Position:Brief Article - Children's Review - Audiobook Review

THE WINTER QUEEN: THE FIRST ERAST FANDORIN MYSTERY. Boris Akunin. Trans. by Andrew Bromfield. 2003. Read by Michael Kramer. 7 cds. No time listed. Books on Tape. 0-7366-9900-7. $63.00. Vinyl; plot notes. SA

This mystery, set in 1876 (pre-communist) Moscow and London, begins with an apparent suicide in a fashionable Russian neighborhood. The police chief, who likes order in his life, sends youthful Erast Fandorin to cut his teeth on what he thinks is a routine case. Fandorin probes beneath the surface and proceeds to investigate an elaborate international spy ring. Fandorin's improbable escapes, the stylized plot twists, the beautiful, perfidious girl, the sneaky little man who shows up in several guises, the woman who figures out a way to rule the...

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