Winter 2010-#1. 1959ers Reunite in 2009.

AuthorBy Joseph E. Frank, Esq.

Vermont Bar Journal


Winter 2010-#1.

1959ers Reunite in 2009

THE VERMONT BAR JOURNAL Volume 35, No. 4Winter 20101959ers Reunite in 2009By Joseph E. Frank, Esq.In 1959 there were fourteen law school graduates among the examinees (all male!) who took what was then the annual three-day Vermont bar exam. All fourteen of them passed, including Andy Field, who was notified during the oral part of the exam that his wife had just given birth. On October 30, 2009, at the initiative of Ted Tyler, a fiftieth anniversary reunion dinner was convened at Hen of the Wood, a gourmet restaurant located in Waterbury. Two previous reunions had been held.

All of the fourteen had embarked on careers in the practice of law in Vermont. They were scattered around the state. Joe Frank was the only one who wound up in private practice in Burlington. Tom Salmon went on to be governor for two terms and subsequently president of UVM. Steve Martin ascended to the state judiciary. Bill Keefe prosecuted murder cases for the state. Ted Tyler eventually retired to fulltime management of The Tyler Place, a major resort on Lake Champlain.

Nine of the fourteen are living, seven...

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