Winning the war.

Author:Ellis, Josh

When I sat down with our cover guy, Jocko Willink, to interview him for the SUCCESS Talks podcast, I started with an icebreaker. He had just finished a photo shoot managed by our art director, Amy McMurry, and I asked how it went. I told him that I hoped he enjoyed it and that, most importantly, I hoped he was able to stay on Amy's good side, because she's a brawler.

Now Amy is decidedly not a brawler. She's about 5-foot-2 and tiny, a mother of two kids and the sweetest person you'll ever meet. The irony was obvious. Jocko--a physical beast who would be the world's greatest bouncer were it not for a higher calling--got the irony. But he didn't have time for courtesy laughter. He didn't even respond. It was obvious he didn't care for games and formalities. Not being a brawler myself, I quickly got started with the interview.

This guy is different, I thought. He's not just some author or speaker, although he's both of those things. He's so much more, though. He actually lives the lessons he teaches. Serving in the Navy SEALs for more than 20 years, Willink justifiably could be called one of the greatest warriors to ever live, and he brings the same unbreakable determination needed on the battlefield to his everyday life. He fights to be his best self. He's not battling the mujahedeen or Iraqi insurgents anymore. Today his opponents are things like shortcuts, temptation and complacency.

And he's pretty clearly winning the war. It's such a massacre, in fact, that we wanted to share his personal methods and mindset to help in your own war against the obstacles to the life you want (Page 35). Lessons on willpower, grit, self-motivation and leadership run...

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