Author:Almanza, Lorenzo

Native Puerto Rican, team leader, and holder of vision. Duracell's President of North America, Robert Mendez, has adopted a leadership approach that is centered on creating value and a winning culture for one of the most important companies in energy.

Building a winning culture has always been the slogan of Duracell's President of North America, Roberto Mendez.

The background of finance and opportunity to lead businesses define the type of career the infamous Latino businessman has shaped during his timeframe in the energy/business spectrum.

Mendez's profession started in 1992 when he became the Department Manager for Procter & Gamble. During his time with the company, the Latino leader held various other positions including Group Manager, Finance Associate Director and Finance Director.

His 18 years with Procter & Gamble took him all over the world including working in Mexico, Venezuela and his hometown Puerto Rico.

"Something I have learned across the years is I have had the opportunity to contrast and compare consumer goods," Mendez said.

Start with Duracell

Before becoming the current President, Mendez started his tenure with Duracell as the CFO and Latin American President.

"It has been quite a ride over the past couple years looking at the business from a slightly different lens and more from a managerial side," Mendez said.

The North American president stated that the biggest difference between working with Procter & Gamble vs. Duracell is the idea of having to compete for resources and attention in 14 or 15 other categories, where as now his square focus has been getting Duracell in the hands of more consumers worldwide.

"Energy is going to become relevant over time," Mendez said. "The world continues to grow and technology plays a bigger role in our daily lives."

The rate of the Hispanic community takes part in the growth and attraction of the energy spectrum and the way companies develop their ideal business techniques.

"We setup our Latin American...

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